One goal split in four

I actually just have one single goal - To enjoy life and be happy most of the time. To reach that is surprisingly challenging though and because of that I split my goals up in four categories:


  • inspiration

  • charity

  • business

  • life 


My aim is to reach as many of them as possible while still enjoying the ride!


Inspiration, that is my favourite word. To me inspiration means “a joy of life that comes from within”. A will to create and an eagerness to live! To be inspirational, thats one of my life missions. If I can be the source of that feeling for other people - well, just the idea gives me goosebumps.

My main goal in life is to inspire others. I want to put lasting smiles on peoples lips and valuable ideas within their minds. Give them tools to change their lives for the better and to feel the joy of helping others to do the same.

There has never been a time with more possibilities to reach people than it is today and I hope to do so!

My main channel will be Youtube. I think we haven’t even begin to see the power of this tool and the upsides are many. With youtube you can talk to people when they want to listen. They can subscribe to your thoughts and hear it on a regular basis instead of just being inspired ones and then forget all about it. The young of today will have Youtube instead of TV and media will change completely moving forward. My dream is to be a big part of that and to touch as many lives as possible.


If you read my page on charity startups you know that this is something close to my heart. I want to be able to contribute as much as possible and I want 
to do it on a long term.

I believe my role is best played in the business world earning money to support charities. I believe that the best way charities can use the money is to invest it well in infrastructure and advertising to dare to grow and dare to dream big. I want to have a system for evaluating each charity’s goals, plans and possibilities to impact. I believe in great long term goals rather than maximum good per invested euro.

I want to support where each euro makes the biggest impact. I believe that to be in Africa and Asia you can get a lot more for your money. According to me the two biggest problems in our world is hunger and environment. I want to find ways to solve these issues and if we manage to do that a lot of other problems will solve themselves.


I have already built one big company and I learned a lot from that. A lot of the journey was filled with joy and a lot was very stressful. Even yet I would love to do it again!

My dream is to build a company that no one would ever want to leave, they should want to work there for the rest of their lives - simply because they love it! My dream company would be very different from anything out there.

A company for the greater good
The first and most important difference would be that ALL PROFITS would go to charity. Obviously all staff would have competitive salaries but nothing should be distributed to shareholders. The company should not be owned by anybody but just distribute it’s gains to the greater good. I would create it this way because I think it would inspire everyone in the company to really do their best. They would be in the company to help others and not just to earn a pay check. Everyone in the company would have a say in where parts of the earnings would go and all company events and trips would relate to the causes we are working with. Everyone should be a part of the change we make!

The 20 year plan
We will always work according to a 20 year plan. “Is this the best decision to take on a 20 year perspective?” if so, we will do it. If not we will pass. This will go for recruitment, product development and everything else. I truly believe in a really long term strategy and if the goals is to have everyone on board for life it will be totally doable! Very few companies out there have this horisont and I think it would be a great competitive advantage.

Working from everywhere
To be able to chose where you want to work is a part of the future. To build a company where people will work forever freedom will be a necessity. I would want people to be able to work anywhere in the world at anytime they see fit. This would be a great challenge but if people can choose for themselves I believe they will be happier and more effective.

I have a lot of other ideas and dreams when it comes to business goals but these are just a few. I have no rush to get started but once I do, it will be GREAT!


In my life i dream of many things. But I really just care about one thing. I want to be happy! I want to do things I enjoy and be surrounded by people I love.

I dream about being a good dancer who can enter any dance floor and just be present in the moment. Feel the love of dancing in my body and just let the music mesmerise me. I want to be able to grab a guitar and play to any tune people suggest. Sing by the bonfire and let anyone who wants join in!

I dream of having a family and watch my future children grow up. I dream of the day I can talk to them about life and hear the dreams of their own. I want to support them, love them no matter what and enjoy to be around for as much as possible of their journeys.

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